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Guaranteed Safe

The Lorious mouthguard are made with BPA-free, Phthalates free, medical-grade material, designed to custom fit your mouth and eliminate discomfort while sleeping from teeth grinding, bruxism and TMJ.

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Lorious 4-in-1 Dental Mouthguard

  • Mild to Moderate Teeth Grinding
  • Aggressive Teeth Grinding
  • Athletic Mouthguard
  • Teeth whitening Tray
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Easy to Mold

Boil - Bite - Mold

  • F.C.

    "I bought these to help get some relief from clenching my jaw. The instructions were easy to understand and I made a perfect one the first time. It is comfortable and cleans easily. If I ever run out I will definitely purchase them again."

  • D. Carr

    "This mouthguard is really a great buy! The instructions to make it fit were easy to follow. I did mess one up by leaving it in the hot water a little too long but the second one came out great. I especially liked the video that showed the process. And I still have four more to fit when I need them."

  • J. Ham

    "Best mouth guard ever. I am grinder. This mouth guard was easy to trim down and fit my mouth and to boil and form to my teeth. Directions were easy to follow. It is comfortable at night as I am a night time clencher. I don't wake up as tired or sore."